A Mystic Trace

2 months ago
3:37 pm
সাহিত্য A Mystic Trace

Let’s play a game –
To remain same, as we’re!
Let the clock walk onward
So that he might forget us,
Where we were!

Suppose, we are spirit
Hence forget age limit
Set aside this muddy cover,
Let’s play the game of fancy
To be raptured in ecstasy
As we’ve no more fear.

Society is of men, and
Men are for society,
Spirit overrules this chain
And follows only the Almighty.

Hence, forget all commitments
Those generate barricades
And make you more older,
Don’t recall your agony
Believe in your destiny
Just be a true lover.

Written by Mahbuba
Lecturer, Department of English
Ishakha International University, Bangladesh.